District Math Announcements


In lieu of the snowed out PD day scheduled for January 16th, we are offering many of the planned sessions during the month of February.  Go to the following links for all the details:

  • http://caddomath.org/middle-school-math-professional-development/ 

  • http://caddomath.org/highschoolpd/ 


Documents have been updated through the end of the 2017-18 school year.  More alternative high-quality resources have been provided to give you more choices as you plan your math lessons.  There have also been major updates to the remediation columns.  These and other changes can be found at http://caddomath.org/scope-sequence-documents/ .


Our 2nd Annual Caddo Winter Math Collaborative is scheduled for our Tuesday, January 16th PD day.  The tentative plan is to have middle school from 8:00-11:30, and high school from 12:30-3:50.  In order to make this event the very best it can be, I NEED YOUR INPUT!  Please complete the Pre-Planning Google Form to let me know how we can make this a great event.



37 out of 55 participants completed the evaluation form.  Click this LINK to see the feedback.


I am continually working to get by each of your classrooms.  The purpose of these visits is to help me better understand how I can help you provide the best possible math experience for your students.  Please know that I am not there as a formal evaluator, but simply to support the important work you do.

State Math Announcements

LEAP 360 – Interims/Formative Tasks

Linked above is a document providing rough guidance for the timeframes of the math LEAP 360 interims and the K-2 Formative Tasks. The decisions about when to give these assessments should be made at the district-level, but this document can provide a starting point.


Math items are continuing to be added to the EAGLE bank, so teachers should check back throughout the year for additional items. The most efficient way to search for items in math is by standard (in the item bank, click “Show Advanced Filter” then break down the standard by dropdown—for example, for 7.NS.A.1 the dropdowns should be “LSS”, “7”, “NS”, “A”, “1”.). Some non-multiple choice items only show up correctly when previewed in the test engine (go to the item, click “Action”, “Preview in Test Engine”, then click on “Preview” in the box that shows up).

Teacher Companion Documents

All of these documents EXCEPT High School math have been updated for tighter alignment with all of our other guidance around assessment, rigor, etc. The files which include “2.0” in the title have been updated. The rest will be updated in the coming months.

Rigor Documents

All of these documents were updated at the beginning of this school year for tighter alignment with LEAP and overall expectation of the standards. If any teachers are still using printed versions of this document from earlier years, they should replace those with the updated 2.0 version.

Eureka Remediation Tools

All of the tools for 4th-6th grade have been posted. Five of the tools are currently available for 7th grade, six are available for 8th grade, and three are available for Alg. 1. More will be posted in the coming months. For districts using Eureka, we highly recommend using these tools to inform what is happening for remediation.

Eureka Principal Institute – Annotated Lesson

We talked about the recommended lesson planning process at the Eureka Principal Institutes (and the possibility of allowing teachers to turn in annotated lessons as their lesson plan). We have since had a number of requests from principals to see an example of an annotated lesson. Linked above is an example. It is intended to be an example of the quantity and type of notes expected.