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A Recent Chat With the State (High School)

What happened with the Math Essentials / Pre-algebra curriculum outline?  We received a draft last year, but never heard anything about finalization.

What you saw is pretty much where it landed. We’re actually working on redesigning the entirety of course offerings for HS math. I think this particular course took a backseat to the larger project.

Are there any plans for curriculum or other resources related to…

Math Essentials (as it was originally developed – as an alternative to Algebra II)?

No. This course will not exist in the future.

Algebra II?

Eureka and Spring Board are both Tier 1 options for Algebra II. I anticipate more in the future. The standards are set and will not change for some time.

Algebra III?

This course code will likely be removed in the future in lieu of a course title more reflective of the work of the course. Again, we are working on a larger HS plan that will address the need for guidance.

Advanced Math / Pre-calculus?

This one will likely make it through the clean-up with guidance to come shortly thereafter. I envision guidance being in place possibly by the beginning of the 18-19 school year.

Financial Literacy / Business Math?

I recall course guidance for Financial Literacy being drafted, but I’m not sure where it landed. I imagine guidance is forthcoming. As for a curriculum, I’m not sure. I think there are likely some quality options that currently exist, and I would recommend that districts make that choice locally.


Our default is AP Calculus. I’m not sure that we will provide guidance for a non-AP Calculus course.