Southwood Teachers Recognized as Top Presenters at State Conference

Please join me in congratulating Mary Bissell and Seana Smith for this exciting accolade!

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C A D D O   M A T H   M A R V E L S

Congratulations CMM MathCounts Team!

Congratulations!!!  CMM Mathcounts team did a splendid job at Mathcounts State Competition!!!

Diya Desai, Sumin Kwak, Suyoung Kwak, and Sameer Tirumala won 1st place at the Mathcounts State Competition in Team Round and Mathbee.

Countdown Round – 1st place – Sameer Tirumala

Individual Round – 1stplace – Sameer Tirumala; 3rd place – Sumin Kwak; 6th place – Gergely Szarvas; 7th place – Diya Desai

Sumin Kwak and Sameer Tirumala will represent Louisiana and compete in the National Competition in May.  Good Luck!!! We are so proud of you!!!

Congratulations Ms. Choi!!!  Our Ms. Choi has been selected as the Louisiana Mathcounts Team Coach!!!  Her team will compete in Orlando, Florida, May 13th – 16th.  We love you Ms. Choi!!!​


Judson Magnet School Students:

“Who says math isn’t fun?!”

Just a little “Concrete-Representational-Abstract” being used at Shreve Island Elementary